Photo by Julia Bauer


Leyla Josephine is an award winning performance artist and writer from Glasgow, Scotland.

She has been featured on BBC Social, BBC Radio 6 Music Festival, BBC Radio 4, TEDXWHITEHALLWOMEN, Women of The World Festival, Huffington Post, Upworthy, Gutter Magazine, The High Flight and The Guardian.

She is the winner of The 2014 Hammer and Tongue UK National Slam, Rally and Broad’s Cultural Commonwealth Slam, The ‘Golden Gun’ at Bang Said The Gun, and The Loud Poets’ 2017 Grand Slam.

She works in various different social contexts to create original, autobiographical performance and poetry collaboratively with all ages and backgrounds. She believes that creating personal contemporary performance can empower those who make it and the audience who watch it. In her work, she attempts to present new narratives and asks difficult questions to challenge the social structures we find ourselves within.

Leyla is currently touring her debut Edinburgh Fringe Show ‘Hopeless’.

You can find her videos on her Video page.

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